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Room 708, No.65 Chifeng road,
Shanghai, P. R. China
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Shanghai Tonseen Translation Company is one of the leading translation and localization service provider in Shanghai, which has been successfully engaged in translation business since 2000. We offer translation and interpretation services in more than 30 languages covering a wide fields. We have provided excellent services to hundreds of large-scale companies at home and abroad. Due to our outstanding services, efficient management and well controlled translation procedure; we keep the stable and long term business relationship with a lot of famous companies.
As a professional translation service firm, we successfully manage a network of over 500 linguistic intellectuals from all over the country. Most of them are professors, experts, senior engineers who have over ten year’s translation experience in the related areas. Also, our company has advanced office equipments. We excel at translation procedure control and also...
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Shanghai Honseen Translation Company gathers state proofreader from all over the country, foreign specialists, returned overseas Chinese, translators from scientific research institutes, and experienced English translator. With the expansion of our business and enhancing of popularity, more and more senior translation talents gather here. Most of our translators are with senior professional and technical titles, master degree or above. Many of them are possess with Senior ... 
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