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Translation Quality 
Shanghai Honseen Translation Company gathers state proofreader from all over the country, foreign specialists, returned overseas Chinese, translators from scientific research institutes, and experienced English translator. With the expansion of our business and enhancing of popularity, more and more senior translation talents gather here. Most of our translators are with senior professional and technical titles, master degree or above. Many of them are possess with Senior Translator title.  

1、Advantage in personnel  
1)More than 20 experienced full-time translators, and outstanding part-time translators all over the country.
2)We hold domestic professional translation talent bank, gather translation elites from our country and abroad.

2、Advantage in management  
1)Members of our upper management have been worked in foreign or multinational corporations. They have multi-culture background, full of services experience and quality awareness.
2)The translation project management adopts advanced scientific computerize solution, optimized translation process, using computer to analysis and manage the project as an assistant.

3、Advantage in technology
1)We adopt advance computer aided translation tool (CAT) in a network office environment to ensure quick and accurate translation.
2)We employed professional computer talents to fulfill the requirement made by customer on the file and document format, and information transfer.
3)We provide comprehensive services solution for the translation on Industry & Commerce, Laws, Scientific documents, website, page, Chinese translation for original video and tape, professional DTP design, process before print, and document data base management.

4、Advantage in language
1)Nearly all main language in the world can be translated with more than 30 languages translation.  
2)We have more than 1000 part-time professional translators all over the world and from all walks of life including many Europe and America experts.

5、Credit guarantee
1)Quality and credibility makes a successful career. The long-term services for so many famous agencies of our county and abroad tell our standing.
2)We registered formally. All translation documents are lawful, valid, and recognized by foreign affair, Entry-Exit management agency, Judiciary, Notary, and other departments.

6、Advantage in price
1)High-quality services and reasonable price is our target. We guarantee that our service value its money.
2)Mass of full-time translators made our price more competitive in the same industry worldwide. Network operation reduces our price and enhances the services efficiency.

  Honseen Translation deems that quality is the secret for company to exist and success, and it is also the measure we take to win customers. Our company follows the highest principle of translation: Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance, and take high quality seeking as the work principle for every staff in Beijing Company. The career of translation is a complicated, detailed and highly professional creating process. We ensure the implement of this process by well qualified professional translation team, rich experiences in translation, advanced technology support and strict quality assessment system. Besides, Honseen Translation provides translation services in following industries (languages). Your enquiry by call or e-mail will be appreciated. We feel honored to serve you!

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