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Special Service
Field of construction work
Rely on surging discipline of the university - -Architectural discipline and civil engineering specialty, the part-time translator is engaged in translation after engaging in our company a large number of with professional knowledge of this field and working experience specially. We have the ability to finish all kinds of translations project of this field splendidly.

Overall process service for bid
Our company has many professional translators who knows the bid procedure well, can outstanding completion bidding documents and bid file which you pay translate tasks not merely, still can assist you to finish calling for bid, bid, asking marking and whole bid procedures such as the negotiation,etc. live at the same time, offer the overall follow-up service of bid to you.

The drawing is translated and different from the general file to translate, it requires translators can carry on the accurate interpreter after understanding the meaning that itself describes of drawing. In addition, the drawing goes wrong while translating, will often cause serious losses. So, as to the thing that the project that the drawing is translated, our company adopts " the group translates ", which means several person technical translator composition of personnel group, last drawing content and go on translate together.

Mechanical and car field
Our company graduates from the special part-time job with specialized project of the car institute of the university and institute vehicle and translates in large batches, they are very familiar with one's own professional field, but guarantee professional lines and accuracy translated, it is a real technical translator; Our company keeps close ties with expert and professor in the mechanical field of the car of the university at the same time, engage every car domain expert and professional personnel with abundant working experience to examine the school to the translation. Until 2007, company succeed in, finish Volkswagen of the First Automobile Factory of China, Shanghai Volkswagen already, Shanghai common uniting car electron many of car and car spare part interpreter event of Company, have accumulated the abundant mechanical translation experience of car. The company has talent banks of technical translator which domestic counterparts can't compare and has suitable professional levels at present. Can say proudly, compared with the counterpart, we have best translation group and the most abundant relevant experience in field described above!

Translate at site
Besides traditional translation operation mode, our company can also offer and translate live, i.e. what our company sent the professional translator to garrison in the customer and appoint carried on the translation of the text materials live, appoint a person in charge of on-the-spot project at the same time, is responsible for organizing and managing and communicating and coordinating with customer's side live. Our company once sent 20 interpreters to garrison in one large-scale state-owned enterprise, was responsible for the complete sets of import equipment of this company to translate, it lasts half a year, translate nearly ten million numbers of words. The whole project operation gets the customer's high evaluation.

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