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A. Our company is a well-known local translation brand. All the quotation are the firm price, which match the services value.
B. To ensure the accuracy of the translation, we ask for legible documents from clients.
C. As there are different requirements for the translation of each language, the quotation differs. In case there is any question, please contact with our business officer.

Translation quotation (in RMB)

Total of text word


Japanese, Korean

French, German, Russian

Less-popular language

Foreign to Chin

Chin To Foreign

Foreign to Chin

Chin To Foreign

Foreign to Chin

Chin To Foreign

Foreign to Foreign
Foreign to Chin

Price /1000 words









1The Additional fee will be charged on special and rare profession, less-popular language, or in the cases that customer has special requirement. E.g. Advertisement words, menu, and magazines for publishing.

2Additional fee will also be charged on big project and additional services.

3We also run the business of printing, batch printing/book binding services, the ordinary DTP in Office software is fee of change.

Interpretation quotation (in RMB/one person/day)


English, Japanese, Korean

French, German, Russian

Less-popular language

Other language

Exhibition, counter receipt interpretation

200-250/hour at least

300/hour at least

To be negotiate for each case

To be negotiate for each case

Interpretation in ordinary escort, tour and visit, business meeting, airport greeting

Yuan/day per head

Yuan/day per head

Yuan/day per head

1000Yuan/day per head

Technique communication, commercial negotiation

Yuan/day per head

Yuan/day per head

Yuan/day per head

Interpretation in Large international conference

Yuan/day per head (Or for one conference)

Yuan/day per head (Or for one conference)

Yuan/day per head (Or for one conference)

Meeting site lease

Our company has long-term partnership with many medium/large hotel and meeting site. The price is favorable.


1The interpreter works for 8 hours/day per head (Simultaneous interpretation or special alternate interpretation varies in each case.

2Usually, we charge for more than half a day (4 hours)

3Customer shall be responsible for all the traveling expense, room and board fee in case taking the interpreter to other cities for business.( Simultaneous interpretation differs)

4Price for special profession and less-popular language interpretation shall be negotiated by meeting.

5 It is suggested that the price information for large conference site lease/interpreter lease to be acquire by call. The price is subject to the one quoted by our client on that day.

Translation description:
For translation services, the calculation starts from 1000 words for those less than 1000 words, and the payments for text of more than 1000 words shall be settled on the base of actual text word count.
Only Chinese words will be counted for payment in both Chin to Foreign and Foreign to Chin translation. Original language words will be counted in foreign to foreign. We utilize the “Character” under “Wordcount” function in the pull-down menu of “Tool” in Microsoft Word document of MS WORD 2000 to count the text words. In case there is no electronic edition of the document, the calculation method will be “line” multiply “array”. The number achieved will take effect after agreed by customer.
Usually, documents less than 10,000 words will be finished within 24 hours without Rush Fee. Rush Fee will be additionally collected according to the difficulty of the documents that are needed to be finished within 12 hours. Customer that has signed “long-term cooperate agreement”, special project customer, and agent in different places are not subject to the above restriction. They can enjoy priority for translation, interpreter dispatch, monthly settlement for translation fee, and other preferential treatment.
In case that document involves professional knowledge, the price will rise according to the range of knowledge. For customer with large quantity of documents or with special cases (like website, software localization), the price will be set according to the situation of each case after negotiate with our customer service personnel.
Unless specially required by customer, the interpretation service will be charged (starts to count by 8 hours) for one day, (starts to count by 4 hours) for half a day. The working hour is 9:00~18:00; Price will rise 10%-50% for overtime work and less popular language. (P.S. We suggest reserving 1 or 2 days in advance for this service due to tight schedule for our interpreter.)

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